Coordinatisation of Life

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\1. The priority **coordinatisation**[1] of my life is not length or quantity, but (systematical) structures (topological invariants, duality, etc.), regardless of set-based or constructive;

\1.1 Information overflow: attention is filter, not detector;

\1.2 [Hypothesis] The ability of abstraction *or* modeling is one of the necessities for humans' evolution;

\1.3 Publishing or not will cause new information asymmetry;

\1.4 "The first class **create** ideas, the second and below assemble (but wait a second) and comment on others' ideas."


\2. Inspired by the “linguistic” core of mathematical **structures**[2];

\2.1 Structures measurement of knowledge modeling/management: [TODO]

What *plain* text can encode? apart from the fact that plain text is more secure than image;

exif malware

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\2.2 Information matters: *but* what entropy can be counted as **values**; regardless of media types *or* media types as orthogonal dimensions;


\3. Write drunk; Edit sober; (Only for fictional (or even some non-fictional) writings, not for scientific papers;)

\3.1 Sustainability of blogging: what motives or vlaues [?]


Offline v.s. Online



[1] Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences - Basic Notions of Algebra by Igor R. Shafarevich, et al.

[2] A Course in Mathematical Logic for Mathematicians by Yu. I. Manin, et al.

But one must be keenly aware that **some basic mathematical structures are “linguistic” at their core**. Recognition or otherwise of this fact influences the problems that are chosen, the questions that are asked, and the answers that are appreciated. It would be difficult to dispute nowadays that category theory as a language is replacing set theory in its traditional role as the language of mathematics. **Basic expressions of this language, commutative diagrams, are one-dimensional, but nonlinear: they are certain decorated graphs, whose topology is that of 1-dimensional triangulated spaces.** When one iterates the philosophy of category theory, replacing sets of morphisms by objects of a category of the next level, commutative diagrams become two-dimensional simplicial sets (or cell complexes), and so on. Arguably, in this way the whole of homotopy topology now develops into the language of contemporary mathematics, transcending its former role as an important and active, but reasonably narrow research domain. Much remains to be recognized and said about this emerging trend in foundations of mathematics.

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Browsers supporting Gemini protocol, e.g.

Kristall GUI


Currently I'm using AV-98, I'm into the [CLI]( of [GNU/Linux](, compatible with [Minimalism](;

Although I appreciate the Minimalism philosophy of Gemini, I'm into Markdown and `$\TeX$`so much, sorry for not supporting $\TeX$/MathJax; For Markdown, I will try

markdown to gemini

Links can only be displayed in standalone line, no inline embedding, expect for future support;

Will explore some other tools:

Gemgit, a tool to generate static Gemini pages for git repos

Twinwiki, a Gemini wiki edited with sed commands


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See also:


worth rethinking;


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